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About Charco del palo

Charco del palo is located on the northeastern coast of the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, Charco del Palo is a small holiday village that caters to naturists. One of the most popular naturist travel destinations in Europe, nudity isn’t just permitted everywhere in Charco del Palo, it’s universal, although clothing is required in the village’s shops and restaurants. Some restaurants feature terraces, however, where guests can dine in the open air whilst wearing nothing more than their birthday suits.Lanzarote is the easternmost isle in the Canary Islands archipelago, with a terrain that still shows evidence of its volcanic origin. Much of the island’s 850 square kilometres of land is covered with volcanic rock formations, ash-strewn plains and solidified lava flows that were formed during eruptions in the 1730s. The island’s other-world landscape, which reaches from the 670-metre-high Penas del Chache mountain peak in the north to the El Jable desert in the south, has a stark beauty that imbues the island with a sense of serenity and calm, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday.Established in the 1970s, Charco del Palo was named after a coastal pool that fills with seawater at high tide, creating a sheltered natural swimming hole for visitors to enjoy. Nicknamed “the Bathtub,” the pool is a popular gathering spot where naturists can enjoy a refreshing dip whilst socialising with friends. Although there are no wide-spreading beaches along the shoreline near the resort, three sheltered coves have been developed for private sunbathing. A path leads visitors down to the Monkey Rocks, which is a favourite spot for scuba divers. Mild and temperate the year round, sunny Charco del Palo is a naturist’s paradise. Summer temperatures average around 24 degrees Celsius. The resort village is situated at the end of a three-kilometre-long private road surrounded by fields of prickly pear cacti, which helps to maintain the privacy of the resort’s guests. The village itself is a holiday haven for those who embrace the naturist lifestyle. Well-kept buildings sport a coat of white paint, the terrain is covered with soft sand and palm trees provide welcome shade. Although the population of Charco del Palo as of 2011 was only 229 people, the community supports a supermarket, hair salon, boutique and coffee shop. There’s great food to enjoy from three restaurants as well. La Tunera features delicious seafood, steaks and pizza. Wednesdays finds many visitors gathering at Peter’s Pub for the restaurant’s weekly all-you-can-eat ribs extravaganza. Jardin Tropical is a popular night spot that often features live entertainment. Charco Del Palo Charco Del Palo Those who can bear to tear themselves away from naked fun in the sun in Charco del Palo will discover plenty of sights to explore throughout Lanzarote, from the shark tank at the Lanzarote Aquarium to the Museo de la Pirateria housed in the 16th century Castillo de Santa Barbara. The Timanfaya National Park offers visitors a close-up look at the some of the islands 300 volcanic cones. Clothing-optional Famara attracts visitors looking for a wide stretch of sandy beach. The beach is a famous surfing spot too, and there are several surf shops that rent surfing equipment. Lanzarote is served by the international airport in the capital city of Arrecife located to the south of Charco del Palo. Buses, taxis and car hires are available for transportation around the island. Charco is visited by people from all over the world, but the residents and visitors are predominately German, British, Dutch and Spanish. The resort village has a broad range of bungalows and apartments that visitors can rent as accommodation. Safe and secluded, Charco del Palo offers you a seaside holiday that won’t soon be forgotten. With its black volcanic rock coastline, crystal blue water and shimmering sunlight, Charco del Palo is travel destination that’s perfect for those who embrace the naturist lifestyle. Been to Charco Del Palo, tell us about it!